Vacation Stay Fun with The Pen Pal Adventure GUEST Book

Vacation Stay Fun with The Pen Pal Adventure GUEST Book

Pen Pal Adventure GUEST Book

Have you ever been to a hotel or guest house and flipped through the pages of an ad-filled, mass produced book that gives you an overview of lodging, food and entertainment in the area?  Or have you been to a Bed & Breakfast and signed your name in their guest book before heading out?

Well, we're about to change the game on coffee table books at your favorite vacation guest house or hotel!

Signing a guest book is more for the Owner than it is for the guest.  I mean honestly, what does it do for you as the guest?  Nothing.  The Owner benefits by seeing names fill their book.

As for the destination based coffee table book...  let's be for real here... that's one big sponsored advertisement.  When you see the full page ad for Crab Shack, you still have to do your own online research to find out if the food is any good.  You don't trust them just because they had enough money to buy a full page ad.

That said, here's where WE COME IN...

What if the place you are staying while on vacation had a book that was filled with past guest adventures... one-of-a-kind authentic experiences from people who visited before you.  What if there was a story about a family who visited a few weeks back and found this fabulous dive bar with amazing food and great prices?  If that local dive bar didn't spend money to advertise in that mass-produced book, would you ever know of it?

What if you were able to share your experiences from your stay in the pages of this Pen Pal Adventure Guest Book and offer your personal perspective to the next guest?

Yes, you still have to trust the recommendation of others who participated in writing in this book, but how much more fun would it be to know that you are reading one-of-a-kind stories?  

What if you enjoyed this particular vacation spot so much that you knew you would come back year after year - and you knew that next year, this book would be chuck full of more amazing stories?  How FUN is that!?!  Those are bedtime stories I would love to read!

If you've seen a Pen Pal Adventure Book during your travels, shoot us a comment and let us know!

If you are a guest house owner and want to get your hands on a book for your coffee table, grab it here!  (and let us know, we would be thrilled to shout-out about it!)


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