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Pen Pal Adventure Book

The Classics Pen Pal Adventure Book - Paperback - With Pre-Designed Pages

The Classics Pen Pal Adventure Book - Paperback - With Pre-Designed Pages

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Second in the series of PEN PAL Adventure Books, this journal has been created with 11 pre-designed layouts and 13 blank lined pages. Let the pre-designed layouts inspire your next adventure or get creative on the blank lined pages to tell your experience through creative writing.

Share day trip insights, amazing places you’ve experienced or simply share your adventures of a day in the park that is worthy of sharing through story telling.

Pass the book on to stay connected with long-distance friends through pen-pal adventure sharing or keep the fun within the family! The book is also a perfect companion on your travels to document the journey.

Dimensions: 6" x 9"

This book contains 54 pages with layouts designed for 24 fabulous adventures! The pre-designed layouts are as follows:

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Author's note:
One Adventure Once a Month
Whatever the circumstance, I always feel better after an outdoor adventure. When I need to clear my head, I go outside and walk. When I need a distraction from feeling hurt or sad, I go hike somewhere. When I need a moment of peace, I sit in the sand or walk the beach at sunset. When I have so much work on my plate that I can't see my way to the end of my to-do list, I drop everything and day trip somewhere I've never been. Adventures are a critical part of my mental and physical well being and this is the message I have been passing onto my kids since they were little.

Connection and Creativity...
I created this Pen Pal Adventure book as a way to stay connected with my family and friends who all live in different parts of the Country. To ensure they had at least one adventure, once a month - and to allow them to get creative with pen and paper for a description of how they felt and what they saw.

Playing this Pen Pal Adventure Book game has taken on a whole new level of fun and surprise when you play it with a stranger who lives somewhere you've never been. There is an excitement in the anticipation of waiting for a book to arrive in my mailbox that you'll just have to experience for yourself!


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