Cocoa Beach-Pen Pal Adventure Book

A Day Trip to Cocoa Beach and Florida's Seafood Bar & Grill for Dinner

An impromptu visit to Cocoa Beach proved to be one of the best days of our Florida vacation this year!

We stayed in an Airbnb guest house in Kissimmee, which is close in proximity to Disney for our intended itinerary to visit the parks.  But the call of the salty sea is strong and our toes crave the warm sand so we headed to the east coast.

Cocoa Beach-Florida-Pen Pal Adventure Book

About an hour drive and we landed in the Cocoa Beach Pier parking lot. $20/day may seem steep but compared to places like New York City where $50-$60/day is average, that price for prime parking was fine for us.

Add another $30 for two beach chairs under an umbrella and we're ready to spend a couple hours relaxing!

Cocoa Beach-Pen Pal Adventure Book

Cocoa Beach-Pen Pal Adventure Book

Rip tide warnings in red today kept us from going too far out but didn't stop us from enjoying the cool Atlantic ocean water, perfect for wading.

A view and selfie from the pier is a must. (and a drink...)

Cocoa Beach-Pen Pal Adventure Book

After you're skin has been softly kissed by the sun, head down the road about 5 minutes away (by vehicle), to Florida's Seafood Bar & Grill!  A seafood lovers paradise for sure! 

Florida's Seafood Bar & Grill 

The inside decor has a tiki vibe with fish tanks around every corner, they had tv's playing the Daytona 500 when we visited, high chairs with free frisbee's for the kiddos, and excellent service!  

Yes, of course this has been added to my Pen Pal Adventure Book!




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