One Adventure Once a Month

Whatever the circumstance, I always feel better after an outdoor adventure. When I need to clear my head, I go outside and walk. When I need a distraction from feeling hurt or sad, I go hike somewhere. When I need a moment of peace, I sit in the sand or walk the beach at sunset. When I have so much work on my plate that I can't see my way to the end of my to-do list, I drop everything and day trip somewhere I've never been. Adventures are a critical part of my mental and physical well being and this is the message I have been passing onto my kids since they were little.

{Shelly Straub}

Take the Leap

Peace, serenity, stillness, strength” all things I feel when I tie up my hiking boots and take a step on the most beautiful soil we have the opportunity to take advantage of. Life has a way of making our vision cloudy often, but the art of exploring lies within uncertainty. Take the leap, climb the mountain, enjoy the sunset, get muddy. Rough roads lead to beautiful destinations, both physically, and internally.

{Courtney Dayton}

Our Mission

Promoting adventures and cultivating creativity while connecting with others and sharing a unique perspective with pen and paper.

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