Florida-Alligator-Wild Willy's Airboat Tour

An Everglades Airboat Tour and Superb Seafood Lunch in Central Florida

What’s better than a sunny day in Florida on an airboat in the Everglades? A superb seafood lunch after a sunny day in Florida on an airboat in the Everglades!

Wild Willy's Airboat Ride Florida

As our family vacation was coming to a close and we waved goodbye to those headed back to Colorado, we had to find a way to suppress the sadness.  So with one day left of our Florida trip, it dawned on us that our guest house was located right next to the Central Florida Everglades! What does that mean? It means GATORS, and lots of them!

I whipped up google faster than anyone could say good morning to start planning our day. Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours was the first to pop up. 5 star reviews, a beautiful day and a pointer finger is all it took to make a phone call in order to book our 60 minute tour.

Wild Willy's Airboat Tour Florida

Convenient to our guest house, Wild Willy’s is in Saint Cloud, Florida which is only about 8 miles up the road. It’s located in a quaint little campground off of Kissimmee Park Rd. Once you pull into the campground, you’ll see Wild Willy’s shack nested right next to the Lake Toho Resort restaurant.

How to prepare for your trip:

  • Make sure you lather up. There is an overhang to hangout under with plenty of space while waiting for your tour but that Florida sun is HOT. Especially when you’re out on the boat. If you forget the sunscreen, no worries! Wild Willy’s sells 3 options at an inexpensive price in their shop.
  • Bring bug spray!  This is a bright idea if you know what I mean. Not only will the sun shine, but remember, you’re on the everglades… bugs are real, especially at 50 mph on the water.
  • Speaking of water, bring WATER! Hydrate yourself. You’re allowed to bring it on the boat. In fact, you’re allowed to bring almost all belongings on the boat with you. Pack lightly if you want more space to sit.
  • Your tour guides work for tips, and they do a great job. Oh, and they sell beer!

Our tour guide's name was Brian. He has his own personalized sticker with his face on it!! Make sure at the end of the tour you stop in the shack and mention your guide. Wild Willy’s will give you a complimentary sticker. Brian was so educated on the Florida Everglades and the wild life within it. We saw 5 gators. Ranging from 1 month old to 20 years old. One of which was 12 feet long!!! 

List of wildlife spotted on our adventure:

  • Blue Herons
  • Turtles
  • Pelicans
  • Gators
  • Eagle

Highlight of this airboat adventure:

Other than the beautiful wild life, glimmering waters and cool breeze, I’d have to say that my favorite part of today was when Brian brought out the farm raised gator for us all to hold!  Don’t worry, the interaction was perfectly safe and our guide Brain ensured all eyes on and operated handoffs for safety measures.

192 Crab and Lobster Kissimmee

All this excitement had our tummies rumbling, so we headed over to 192 Crab and Lobster in Kissimmee for a delicious broil. Aside from the hot and steamy crab legs drenched in Old Bay Garlic Butter, the aesthetic was super appealing.

We were greeted by a statue of Captain Jack Sparrow and Leviathan, or otherwise known as “The Lobster God”.

Seated in a leather embroidered booth, sipping on tropical mixed drinks prepared at the gorgeous glowing bar, we felt like Gods ourself!

Customizing your meal options is welcomed at 192 Crab and Lobster so I chose the pick 2 seafood broil consisting of crab legs and steamed clams lathered in an Old Bay seasoned garlic butter with mild spice and let me tell you… it was to die for! 

This restaurant was an excellent find and they get 5 stars from our crew for sure!



This day trip will absolutely be going in my Pen Pal Adventure Book - it's just too good not to share!


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