Finding an Avenue to Help you on your Healing Journey

Finding an Avenue to Help you on your Healing Journey

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Healing, growing, recovering… it’s a journey. There is no quick fix or instant gratification to make you fully better, right away.  If you are hurting for whatever reason, it's critical to find an avenue that will start you on a path of feeling ‘not so hurt’.  

I’ve spent time down the road of destruction where the distraction from feeling the hurt is too much to handle so an unhealthy substance seems a good option. 

              No. Just no.

Instead, let’s just assume that you are mentally capable enough to know that drowning your hurts won’t help, but will only prolong the uncomfortable place you are currently sitting in.  Now we need to find an avenue to start you on a path to heal, grow and recover. 

I’ve got an option for one avenue that has helped me and may help you.

Sharing an adventure with a Pen Pal.

Right now, as I write this blog post, I am grieving the loss of my best friend.  I can’t yet accept that he is no longer on this physical earth with me so I relive stories in my mind of the adventures we shared which keeps his memory very alive.  Thinking of a time we had a fun adventure, brings a smile…  However, sitting in self-pity and wishing I could have another moment like that is where trouble starts to brew in my heart.  There is a way to remember the past while still staying in the present moment.  That is the key here.

Today, I made the choice to share an adventure that I had with my best friend through the pages of the Pen Pal Adventure Book to start down an avenue of healthy healing.

Here’s how it works:

I close my eyes and remember an adventure…

there was that day when we raced across town after work to make it to Pass-a-grille in time to watch the sun set.  My mind takes me back there quite quickly… where we sat on a bench together as the sun warmed our faces and the sky turned a million shades of red and orange.

I open my Pen Pal Book to a blank page and start writing all my memories of that adventure, leaving room for a couple photos to include in my layout.

When my layout is complete and I look at the finished page, I think to myself that I know as time passes, I may forget some of these moments of our life together so it makes me incredibly happy to get them on paper.  This is part of my healing journey.

As I close the book and place it into a mailing envelope, I feel an excitement knowing the person who will read it, also gets to share a moment in time with my best friend and that keeps his memory alive.  This is part of my healing journey.

Waiting for the book to return back to me gives me something to look forward to. And when you are trying to heal, grow and recover… having something to look forward to is what keeps you keeping on.   This is part of my healing journey.

When the book shows up in my mailbox, it now has a page that contains someone else’s adventure with their best friend.  Reading their happy story makes me happy... even if just for a moment.  And I will say it for the last time… this is part of my healing journey.   and if you need it, it's here for you too.

Pen Pal Adventure Book with Marshmellow

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Hi Jennifer, what kind of healing journey are you on? Is it pet loss? If so, I would love a pen pal! If not pets, I have another friend who is on a self-love healing journey that I could reach out to and see if she has a book ready?


This is a great idea

How does a person start this and how do they find others to start this beautiful thoughtful helpful idea?

Jennifer McCollum

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