Family Friendly Hike to 50-Foot Waterfall at Greeter Falls near Chattanooga in East Tennessee

Family Friendly Hike to 50-Foot Waterfall at Greeter Falls near Chattanooga in East Tennessee

Greeter Falls-Tennessee

In April of 2022, I had an itch to go out and chase waterfalls. Out of the 874 waterfalls Tennessee has to offer, I chose to plan a day trip to Greeter Falls, which has been listed in the top 20!

South Cumberland State Park is home to Greeter Falls, and much more!

This 30,845 acre state park hosts 3 Waterfalls, swimming holes, bluff views, camping access, and education stops for history lovers. And most important (well, to me anyway), let's not forget to mention that this park has some of the most beautiful hikes East Tennessee has to offer!

Savage Gulf State Natural Area is just one of the many scenic areas found within South Cumberland State Park.  This Natural Area serves as the home of Greeter Falls and a one-mile family friendly hike will take you to view the perfect sneak peak of just how impressive nature can be. 

Sit on giant rock and gaze at the wonder of water and the magic of sandstone carved cliffs.

Greeter Falls-Tennessee

This day trip to find Greeter Falls was the perfect way to introduce our friends Andy and Lexi to our beautiful home State of Tennessee.

Between the smell of pine, fresh leaves, and that brisk morning air, we agreed we all were right where we belonged. There was nothing more calming than hearing Greeter Falls in the distance while taking a deep breath, internalizing that nothing else matters in this world than this moment right here, right now, with the people I love. Oh, not to mention the amount of doggo’s that passed us with their tongues out smiling ear to ear because yes, the dogs were happy too.

Greeter Falls - Tennessee

My unforgettable moment on this adventure... Sitting on the big rocks while the mist of the falls, and the sunshine through the trees gracefully coated my skin.

Greeter Falls-Tennessee Greeter Falls-Tennessee

Here are my tips for the hike to get to Greeter Falls:

You’ll want to start at Greeter Falls trailhead. This hike starts at a slight uphill, however you’ll be pleased to know the majority of the hike is flat. Although.. We are walking in nature, which means not all surfaces will be level. Wear your best adventure sneakers and you’ll be golden. About 3/4 of a mile into the hike you’ll hit a fork, giving you the option to choose left or right. Right is Greeter Falls, left is the lower falls. Both equally as gorgeous yet distinctly different. Once you approach Greeter Falls, you’ll stumble upon a beautiful spiral staircase leading you partially down to the base of the waterfall. The steps can be slippery, so use caution!

Location and Parking:

Greeter Falls Trailhead is located about 45 minutes north/east of Chattanooga, TN in the town of Altamont.  Free parking is available throughout South Cumberland State Park, to include at Greeter Falls Trailhead.


And to answer the question I know you are going to ask... yes, this adventure has already been added to my Pen Pal Adventure Book!


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