Self-Care Accountability... AKA The Pen Pal Adventure Book

Self-Care Accountability... AKA The Pen Pal Adventure Book

self-care accountability and pen pal adventure book

My daily to-do list of responsibilities is quite long, every day.  Which is why I always narrow it down and have a top 3.  I use a post it note that sits on top of this long to-do list to clearly state in an obnoxiously obvious way, the 3 most important tasks, otherwise I get lost in the list that is more than I can muster the energy to manage in a one day.

My top 3 is typically a priority work meeting, a doctor or vet appointment and a person I need to call or text back.  It still confuses my as to why some type of self-care routine isn't on that top 3 list.

Self-care is more than a spa day, a trip to the nail salon or getting my hair cut.  Self-care should be practiced daily in order to fill your own cup so you have enough energy to get through that daily task list.  I ran too many years on an empty cup without realizing it.

To Do List image-Pen Pal Adventure Book

I have intentionally put self-care into my daily practice but somehow it usually ends up low on the priority list and if I do anything at all, it's the morning gratitude 5 item list but nothing else to fill my cup.  That said, I need accountability for my self-care practice or else it doesn't happen.

One adventure once a month is a rule in my home. 

Get outside, see something new, break from your routine, let go of all your tasks, responsibilities and to-do's and be present for an adventure.  The adventure doesn't need to include airline tickets or 2 tanks of gas... it can simply be a walk in the park or a garden visit or a bike ride.

I use my Pen Pal Adventure Book as self-care accountability.  When the book arrives in my mailbox, I know I have 30 days to go out and have an adventure.  This break from routine, break from the daily to-do's, break from the phone and socials and break from responsibility ALWAYS fills my cup!

The question now is how to ensure my adult kids get a book in their mailbox every month so they follow the same self-care practice...   wink wink.


Here's a link to the daily gratitude journal I use, created by my soul sister Rayvin. (and the link to the Pen Pal Adventure Book)


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