Yee-Haw Brewing Co Knoxville

Yee-Haw Brewing Co in North Knoxville Tennessee hosts First Annual Block Party Celebrating Small Business

Blessed with a beautiful blue sky day, a few friends and I decided to head over to the first annual Yee-Haw Block Party in North Knoxville and what a fantastically fun spontaneous idea this turned out to be!
Yee-Haw Brewing Co Knoxville

Yee-Haw Brewing Co. finally opened a brand new location in North Knox which happens to be just 10-minutes from my home. Dangerous yet strategic planning, especially when they host events like a BLOCK PARTY! 

Unlike any block party I have attended in the past,  Yee-Haw's intent was to get us out and explore every small business around North Knoxville that we might not have known about.   By grabbing a passport from the bartender, we were tasked to visit 5 out of 9 places around the block in order to earn a FREE pint of beer from the brewing company. 

One thing I quickly learned about Knoxville after moving here... these southerners love their beer and their local small businesses!  Kudos to Yee-Haw Brewing Co for their masterful marketing of this event!

Here's a roundup of the local shops we visited during the block party:

#1 The Donut Shop

MAN was this the spot to be at. It’s like they knew I had a sweet tooth and craved donuts. This place is seriously the cutest corner shop I've seen in a hot minute. As soon as you walk through the front door you’re greeted by 15 categories of freshly made donuts. My eyes directly made contact with the caramel glazed apple fritter the size of my face!

#2 Jacks of Knoxville

Jack's Knoxville

Honestly the most unique and retro coffee shop I’ve been to, If you like plants, and a flash from the past, this is the place to be. The coffee shop is essentially a greenhouse. All plants in the shop are for sale, not to mention all of the cute stickers, clothing apparel and “knox old finds” they have hidden around the store. Jack’s had about 15 coffee’s on their menu, including my personal favorite, the Iced Lavender Latte. DELICIOUS! Don’t forget to check out the back patio. On a beautiful day like today, you can stay cool under an umbrella with a herbal decorated background.

#3 - Next Level Brewing

Great beer, great vibes, great times. This brewery had an ample amount of seating and options on their menu. Favorite part? The doggo’s! Next Level is dog friendly much like many of Knoxville’s shops and restaurants. Sipping on my ice cold Kolsch near the brewing tanks really gave me that sophisticated feel.

#4 - Mighty Mud

Are you a fan of pottery and art? This husband/wife owned pottery shop is a must. Isles and isles of hand crafted talent sits there in front of you screaming to be acknowledged. Not only does this place give gallery vibes, but the artwork is worth reading into. Mighty Mud even offers pottery classes! They sell materials/mud/and have suggestion boards based off of your preferred style.  

#5 - The Corner Lounge

Grunge and fantastic. When you walk in the doors of The Corner Lounge, you’re hit with Tennessee 90’s. This bar is small, and has a back door vibe.. which in my opinion is my favorite type of bar. But don’t let its small proximity fool you. This bar seems to be the hot spot especially when their indoor stage is booked by a rising artist.

#6 - Yee-Haw

Yee-Haw Brewing Co Knoxville

Ending our small business stroll back at Yee-Haw Brewing Co, we earned our well deserved pint of beer.  Each of us got the Hefeweizen, and ate a New York style hot dog from their food truck Daddy Dogs, and a hot chicken sandwich. Yee-Haw was the place to be today.  The DJ was blasting that music for all of North Knox to hear, and their patio/turf was open to all public. There must have been at least 300 people!  What a fantastic job Yee-Haw did on this event and their grand opening. For every pint of beer sold, they donated $1 to Second Harvest Food Bank to help support hungered families.

This was a day to remember and one to put in the books! I can’t wait to get creative in my Pen Pal Adventure Book!




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