400 Acres of Preserved Nature with Boardwalks Overlooks and Plenty of Wildlife at Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg Florida

400 Acres of Preserved Nature with Boardwalks Overlooks and Plenty of Wildlife at Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg Florida

Sawgrass Lake Park

In need of some steps today, so I ventured out to Sawgrass Lake Park in the Pinellas Park area of St Petersburg, Florida. 

Overjoyed at the 400 acres of preserved nature with boardwalks, overlooks and plenty of wildlife to see - I knew I made a good choice for this adventure.

Sawgrass Lake Park   Sawgrass Lake Park

I walked 3 of the 4 boardwalk trails and got over 6,000 steps in.  It was a chilly day today so the gators were unseen but turtles and lots of bird varieties were with me as I meandered the wood walkway and took in all the sights and sounds.

Some highlights to note:

  • Not a state park, so there's no entrance or parking fee.
  • Plenty of parking.
  • Boardwalk trails - paved sidewalks for strollers - dirt trails
  • Gators - turtles - plenty of birds
  • Overlooks and plenty of benches along the boardwalks for breaks
  • St. Pete Bagel Co is just a couple miles around the block from the park

Sawgrass Lake Park   Sawgrass Lake Park

I will absolutely be back when it warms up!  More steps and maybe gator views... but without a doubt, another stop at the St. Pete Bagel Co which is where I went just after my moments in nature at the park.

St Pete Bagel Co

If you make a morning or afternoon day trip out of your adventure to Sawgrass Lake Park - be sure to stop for bakery delights at the St. Pete Bagel Co! With an award under their belt of the 'Best Bagel Bakery in Tampa Bay' and authentic NY Style bagels and croissants, this is a must-stop!

As a New Yorker myself, I can verify the authenticity of the food, not to mention that the welcoming woman behind the counter had a beautifully thick NY accent with no fear of calling out orders and 'next in line' for the neighbors to hear.  That's the NY I miss!  Glad I got a taste of it today!

I had a (HUGE) fresh croissant and brought home a large bag of bagel chips and homemade garlic and herb cream cheese.  Plan to eat the whole bag myself!

When you add this to your day trip adventure planner, flip flop the itinerary and grab take-out coffee and baked goods from the bakery, and take them for a picnic at Sawgrass Lake Park before your nature walk!


Sawgrass Lake Park: https://pinellas.gov/parks/sawgrass-lake-park

St. Pete Bagel Co: https://www.stpetebagelco.com/ 

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