• The Original Pen Pal Adventure Book

    This is the original Pen Pal Adventure Book.

    You can purchase right here from our website or on Amazon if you prefer.

    • Available in paperback or hardcover
    • Blank lined adventure layout pages
    • Paperback has room for 24 adventures
    • Hardcover has room for 37 adventures
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  • The Classics Pen Pal Adventure Book

    This book features 11 pre-designed layouts and 13 blank lined pages.

    You can purchase this book right here from our website or on Amazon if you prefer.

    • Bike Ride
    • Camping trip
    • Fishing
    • Sunset walk
    • Bee-utiful days
    • Kayaking
    • Dog walk
    • Mountain Hike
    • Lake Vibes
    • Christmas sightseeing
    • Lovely Days
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  • The Pen Pal GUEST Adventure Book

    The PEN PAL GUEST Adventure Book is a travel journal created specifically for GUEST HOUSE OWNERS as a place for your guests to share their vacation experiences. Allow them to get creative on the blank lined pages and write their unique perspective on the adventures they had throughout their stay.

    Your guests will enjoy reading insights from past guests and share the knowledge of their experiences for future vacationers!

    This keepsake hardcover book will become a treasured work of art for your coffee table.

    Purchase here from our website or on Amazon if you prefer.

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  • Day Trips in St. Petersburg Florida

    From the sun-kissed shores to cultural landmarks, each day trip is designed for maximum enjoyment, ensuring you make the most of your time in this eclectic city and its neighboring attractions. Packed with insider tips, historical insights, and practical details, "Day Trips in St. Petersburg" is your go-to companion for creating unforgettable memories on Florida's Gulf Coast.

    Let the adventures begin – grab your copy and set out on a journey of discovery, one day trip at a time!

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  • Kids Creative Writing Pen Pal School Year Project

    Engage students in a creative writing adventure with our Pen Pal Adventure Book.

    This book includes a themed adventure challenge for each month of the school year, such as a leaf quest in November and a heart hunt in February. After writing each adventure story, the book will be passed to a pen pal.

    • 10 themed adventure challenges
    • 15 pages filled with colorful cut-out shapes
    • 20 2-page lined layout pages ready for creative writing
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  • Kids Creative Writing Summer Adventure Challenge

    Keep the kids engaged in outdoor exploration, creative writing and a pen pal challenge all summer long! This book is themed for summer and good for any climate!

    • 9 themed adventure challenges
    • Dozens of colorful graphics to cut and paste into the adventure pages
    • Lined layout pages for you and your pen pal ready for storytelling and creative journaling!
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  • Sticker Book

    Originally sold as a budget binder, I use this folder with clear pockets to hold and organize my stickers!

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  • Size A6 Binder Pockets

    Set of 12 Binder Pockets that I use as sticker organizers. Small and compact.

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  • Tape Runner

    Makes life so easy with a tape runner! Pack of 4.

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