One Spectacular Summer Saturday in Syracuse with the Sights and Sounds of Nature

One Spectacular Summer Saturday in Syracuse with the Sights and Sounds of Nature

We've got a fabulous, easy and inexpensive day trip full of relaxing but fun adventures in Chittenango, New York.

Chittenango Falls NY

Feeling broke and depressed, my girlfriend and I decided to get off our butts, pack the cooler with whatever was left in the fridge, grab a few bucks, and go find something to do that didn’t include a couch and a remote.

Wild Park Chittenango New York

Our Saturday adventure began at The Wild Animal Park, a small family owned zoo that offers an up-close viewing and learning experience. Excited to see camels, tigers, bears and crocodiles, we rushed around this well groomed park like we were 10 years old.

Although we could have spent the whole day at The Wild Animal Park, we cut it short so there was enough daylight left to enjoy the rest of our spontaneously planned itinerary.

All Things Oz Chittenango New York

On the way to the Chittenango Falls, we stopped at All Things Oz, a museum and gift store dedicated to L. Frank Baum and the MGM movie, Wizard of Oz.  If you're not familiar with this area, it's interesting to note that there's an annual parade in celebration of the famous writer, the movie and of course the munchkins.  Sadly, there are no 'little people' left alive to attend but the parade must go on.

After our short store stop, we made our way to the Falls.

Chittenango Falls New York

With camera in hand, we dashed down the man made path and stairs (an easy hike for kids), to snap spectacular photos of the waterfalls from the bottom.

After our hike, we grabbed the cooler, scarfed up our sandwiches and salads, then let the sun shine on our faces as we napped on our blanket until sunset.

"To enjoy your own spectacular day in Chittenango AND hit each of the three places on this itinerary, your travels MUST occur on a Saturday. For even more entertainment in the small quaint village of Chittenango, follow the yellow brick road to the annual Oz-Stravaganza parade and festival, which takes place in early summer."


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