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Pen Pal Adventure Book

Pen Pal Adventure Book with Sticker Set - SWEATER WEATHER - AUTUMN - FALL STICKERS

Pen Pal Adventure Book with Sticker Set - SWEATER WEATHER - AUTUMN - FALL STICKERS

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Introducing the Pen Pal Adventure Book Kit, a captivating package that will ignite your wanderlust and inspire your storytelling. This kit includes a paperback 6" x 9" Pen Pal Adventure book, a carefully curated SWEATER WEATHER sticker set and a surprise Daytrip bookmark.


  1. Register your Book
  2. Go on an adventure
  3. Write about your adventure
  4. Pass the book to a friend

Share the book back and forth and watch adventure stories unfold!

The Pen Pal Adventure Book Kit includes:

  • Paperback 6" x 9" Pen Pal Adventure book 
  • Sticker set 
  • Daytrip bookmark (surprise)

The purpose of the PEN PAL adventure book is to create a shared space for you to document your outdoor escapades and then pass it on to others! Within its pages, you can capture day trip insights, uncover hidden gems you've discovered, or simply narrate a memorable day spent in the park. Let your imagination flow as you bring your adventures to life through storytelling.

This adventure book isn't limited to one person—feel free to pass it on to anyone willing to join in the fun! Connect with long-distance friends by engaging in pen-pal adventures or keep the excitement within your own family circle. The possibilities for sharing and creating lasting memories are endless.

With its blank lined pages, this journal provides ample space for recording up to 24 thrilling adventures. The compact dimensions of 6" x 9" make it the perfect travel companion, ensuring you can easily carry it with you on all your explorations.


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