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Pen Pal Adventure Book

Creative Writing Project for 3rd & 4th Grade Students - Travel Journal - Student SEPTEMBER Writing Prompts - Project - Writing Activity

Creative Writing Project for 3rd & 4th Grade Students - Travel Journal - Student SEPTEMBER Writing Prompts - Project - Writing Activity

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This project is meant to engage students in a creative writing adventure using a travel journal which will encourage outdoor exploration, inspire artistic expression, and foster communication skills through the sharing of their experiences with a pen pal.

    • Grade Level - 3rd & 4th
    • Subject - English Language Arts, Creative Writing, Writing - September themed writing prompts
    • Resource Type - Handouts, In-class creative project
    • Format - PDF / Parent letter provided as a WORD doc for easy editing
    • 24 pages

🌿 No extra work for the teacher - just print and photocopy the curriculum and book and the students are ready to begin the project!

🌿 Assist in maintaining children's focus and engagement while inspiring them to contemplate and document their exciting adventures! The finished project becomes a cherished memory book, destined to be treasured by both children and parents for years ahead!


This listing includes the following:

🍃 Project Curriculum: An 18 page PDF which includes a complete itinerary for each day of the 4 week project, making it extra easy on the teacher! 

🍃 Mini Printable Pen Pal Adventure Book: Just like the original Pen Pal Adventure Book only printable and mini in size, made for the kiddos!  Book cover, inside writing pages and a page of black and white themed graphics for cutting and coloring. PDF

🍃 Sentence Stem: One page PDF with 4 sentence stems. 

🍃 Exit Ticket: One page PDF with 2 Exit Tickets. 

🍃 Parent letter: An optional WORD doc letter is included if you wish to inform the parents of the project, which allows you to request additional supplies if needed. 


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This curriculum was created by Rachael Southworth, a dedicated retired school teacher with an illustrious career spanning 30 years. Throughout her journey in education, Rachael’s passion for nurturing young minds led her to specialize in Early Childhood Education. Armed with her profound knowledge and expertise in this field, she earned a Masters in Early Childhood Education, further enriching her ability to make a positive impact on her students’ lives.

Rachael’s commitment to excellence in teaching earned her recognition and accreditation as an ACLT Certified educator, a testament to her dedication and proficiency in her craft. Her nurturing and encouraging approach in the classroom created a warm and stimulating environment, inspiring young learners to reach their full potential.

Having touched the lives of countless students, Rachael’s retirement marks the culmination of a remarkable journey in shaping minds and laying the foundation for future generations. Her legacy as an educator and advocate for Early Childhood Education continues to thrive, and she remains an inspiration to her colleagues and students alike.

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